Himas Rafeek
Posted on: 1 year ago

Javascript bifurcate By Function

This snippet splits values into two groups, based on a predicate function. If the predicate function returns a truthy value, the element will be placed in the first group. Otherwise, it will be placed in the second group.

You can use Array.prototype.reduce()and Array.prototype.push()to add elements to groups, based on the value returned by fnfor each element.

                                          const bifurcateBy = (arr, fn) => 
	  arr.reduce((acc, val, i) => (acc[fn(val, i) ? 0 : 1].push(val), acc), [[], []]);
bifurcateBy(['beep', 'boop', 'foo', 'bar'], x => x[0] === 'b'); 
// [ ['beep', 'boop', 'bar'], ['foo'] ]